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Pinkie Pie witnesses The Earth Breaker in action by SalvatoreMasterDenif Pinkie Pie witnesses The Earth Breaker in action by SalvatoreMasterDenif
Next up in the Behind the Scenes mini-series, Pinkie Pie meets Atinui Sanchez of the Delta Squad. You're wondering why and how Pinkie and Atinui wound up in the Tron world... well...

EqG Pinkie Pie Plz: (pops up behind me) Easy peasy! Atty had this really cool video game that he was trying out! So... I went and tried it myself!

... ... ...

GODD***IT, PINKIE PIE!!! You and your ability to break the fourth wall!! T~T

EqG Pinkie Pie (Wink wink nudge nudge) Plz: See ya! (zips back into my screen and into this deviation)


Rrrrrgh... One of these days, Pinkie's power over the fourth wall is going to give me a headache! Oh wait... it already did! T~T Enjoy the scene while I go get some MORE Tylenol!! I swear, this is already turning into a total mindf**k! Geez!!


After wandering into the world of the semi-online customizable fighting video game Workshop Arena, Pinkie watches in awe as she sees Atinui Sanchez deliver a severe whooping to an already severely damaged Metal Gear... Excelsus from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance to be exact. HOW Atinui managed to get one of these... I don't have a clue! Best not to question it.

pinkie pie EqG 3 (derp) plz: (watching in awe) ...

Atinui: (dodging Excelsus' feeble final swipes with its blades) Geez! For a "weapon of mass destruction" and all that bullcrap, you don't pack much of a punch, do ya? After all, you're just a stupid, ugly, hunk of junk that's about to go to the scrapyard! (runs toward Excelsus) HIIIIIIIIII....


(Atinui... well... Shoryukens Excelsus on the head twice, with the third time sending it flying backwards)

Atinui: (runs again towards Excelsus) BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!

(Atinui flying side kicks Excelsus, sending it flying into the air and out of the arena where it explodes)

CPU Announcer: Human Player EarthBreaker6178 wins!

Atinui: (moonwalks) Yeah! I'm sexy and I know it!!

EqG Pinkie Pie Poker Face: (gets flustered quite a bit and speaks sultrily) Oh, you are sexy, I'll give you that.

(Atinui jumps into the air in fright)

Atinui: SON OF A B***H!!! (looks at Pinkie) Who the hell are you!? How'd you get in here!?

pinkie pie EqG 3 (hi i'm pinkie pie) plz: (returns to her chipper self) Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Nice to meet you!

Atinui: (best James Bond impersonation) The name's Sanchez... Atinui Sanchez!

EqG Pinkie Pie Plz: Ooh! Good one!

Atinui: Heh. (stretches) RRGH!! That's one thing I hate about pulling off Street Moves multiple times in a row. Messes me up!!

EqG PInkie Pie (Idea) Plz: Here! Let me help! PINKIE HUG!!!


(Atinui gets glomped tightly by Pinkie)

(bones can be heard cracking)

Atinui: ACK!! I'M... C-CHOKING!!!


(Pinkie lets go of Atinui, who is now blushing like crazy)

EqG Pinkie Pie Plz: Well? Did it work?

Atinui: (rotates his back and it snaps into place) ACK!! MUCH better! Thanks a bunch, Pinkie! Man, you should really consider being one of those back doctors! Your hugs would get some epicly high ratings for curing bad backs AND making sad people feel a whole lot better! Better than going to a spa, even!

EqG Pinkie (SQUEE) Plz: (squees) EEEE!!! (glomps Atinui again)

Atinui: (blushes) Y'know, I could actually get used to this! If she would just let me (choke) breathe!!

[Just a fair warning... if her hair turns all flat, straight and droopy... RUN!]

Atinui: Um... why?

[Just RUN if it happens unless you want her yandere cupcake-obsessed alter ego to turn you into cupcakes!]

Atinui: (snorts) Really? A girl as sweet as sugar like this one... turn ME into a cupcake!? Are you kidding me?! I'd let her make me a cupcake ANY day! HER cupcake, that is!

[... THAT... was one stupid pun, Atinui, and YOU know that!]

EqG Pinkie Pie Plz: Oh! Speaking of cupcakes, let's go get some! (walks off with Atinui)

[... (sigh) I'd better get Andromeda to keep an eye on those two.]


Metal Gear Excelsus is property of Metal Gear by Konami Digital Entertainment

Tron Legacy is property of Disney

Pinkie Pie and all MLP franchise is property of Hasbro and Lauren Fasut aka :iconfyre-flye:
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megumbreon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
(sees virizion sitting down on a chair at a table was about to go to her to give her flowers when I saw her with someone else tears start coming down heart broken runs home without being seen by them and gets home then locks up the door and goes to bed and cries thinking why) it's not fair why she break my heart why (still crying until someone used magic to unlock the door then they entered and were in my room then I stopped crying to see them the plundering six) what do you want a fight well you found it bring it (gets ready to fight until I see they look like they wanted to offer me something) ok what do you mothers and make it fast
SalvatoreMasterDenif Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Twivine: We saw the whole thing. And here I thought Virizion would accept you of all ponies. *sigh*

Appleplant: Y'know, maybe ya should come with us. We can get ya Virizion... by force.

Flutterthorn: If you do something for us though, first.
megumbreon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
ok I'll join what is it you want moms I probably bet it's denif isn't it
SalvatoreMasterDenif Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Rainbow Briar: Well... um... about Denif... (looks worried) and Venti... they're both gone.

Plunder Pie: Not gone like dead but gone like missing.
megumbreon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
what how they go missing don't worry mothers with us together we'll find them it is valentines day
SalvatoreMasterDenif Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Rarivine: One moment, we battle Denif... and the next moment... in a flurry of petals, he's... gone.
megumbreon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
hmm twivine do you know anyone with those powers like a being that's familiar to you that might have similar name to any pony I know and saved
SalvatoreMasterDenif Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Twivine: (scowls) Yeah, if you're talking about a double crosser! I can't bring Dark Rose anywhere without her double crossing me!! That little traitor!
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ROBLOXgeneralduncan Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Pinkie Pie and her ability to shatter the fourth wall...

One of the best [and only] times I've seen that in a description.
SalvatoreMasterDenif Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Student General Artist

Trust me. It gives me a headache to this day. Check out the trailers for my DEUS EX comic series. Ugh. Mind f### if i ever went through one. TwT
ROBLOXgeneralduncan Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I will have to then.
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